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Introductory Program

If this is your first time trying CrossFit, you will be required to complete 5 Foundations classes in order to join the CrossFit Membership. All of our memberships include:

  • 1 CrossFit coached class per day;

  • 1 B-Fit coached class per day

  • Unlimited Access to Open Gym at specified times;

  • Towel Service;

  • 10% Discount on Personal training

$170 for 5 intro classes

& Unlimited classes for the month


CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements done at relative high intensities. That may not make sense to you right now, but its for EVERYONE. CrossFit is general physical preparedness, get stronger, more mobile, and improve your stamina and cardiorespiratory endurance.


The classes will consist of high energy, plyometrics, cardio, strength training, music and loads of fun! This gives you the chance to come out and enjoy getting in the best shape of their life! B-FIT is meant for any body shape and fitness level. The exercises can be modified and scaled for anyone.

Athetlic Training

Functional movement training for athletes, including hockey, volleyball, track & field, and soccer. This program is a blend of strength training and conditioning with a focus on sport-specific movements for all levels. Work to improve athletic performance while reducing risk for injury.

Personal Training

Our personal training packages will help you to reach that next level. We will work with you to achieve your personal goals, athletic goals, and fitness goals. The first consultation is always complementary. You will get 1-on-1 training with a personalized program that will help you achieve your goals. Our trainers will sit down with you and discuss exactly what it is you would like to achieve and help you do it through proper programming and functional assessment.


Get your measurements of body fat percentage and inches, Go over your goals and redefine your “why”, Get a general idea of your nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep habits. After this you have the option of getting a “Review” which will give you a conclusion and results of everything that you have discussed in the fitness assessment. The Review is $50 + tax and is a separate hour. The review also includes specific exercises tailored to your goals and/or weaknesses.

Real Work.
Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Keith has been working out at 902 Athletics for over 3 months. I am Impressed with Joel’s knowledge, desire to learn, desire to grow professionally, and his true understanding of the physical mechanics of the human body is demonstrated in his ability to train and motivate people of varying levels.

He’s been able to help Keith understand how to work out properly ensuring that old injuries do not occur again and encourages him to push himself. He willingly shares his expertise with Keith to make the sessions fun, challenging, and a learning experience. He is easy to relate to and has a good sense of humor which helps to motivate the boys.

I feel Joel is a dedicated trainer, who sets a good example for young athletes. He pays attention to goals, habits, and physical abilities

I can tell Joel is passionate about what he does and has a genuine interested in my son and the other boys who train with him. Joel has worked around Keith’s schedule but also recognizes when Keith needs a break and will make him take rest days. 
I appreciate that Joel works closely with others in the community to bring out the best in these hard working young athletes. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question he will find out and look at what is best for each individual.

I see the boys working hard , being pushed, moving to the next level while at the same time cheering each other on and laughing.

Thanks Joel for creating environment to work hard towards your goals but have fun and learn at the same time.

Donette Hubley Getson

902 is a very welcoming fitness centre that pushes you to your limits. Appropriate for all levels of fitness, the staff help and encourage you to be safe yet still push you as hard. Looking forward to seeing my body develop over the next few months.

Sarah Fleck

Looking to get in better shape? Get in touch with 902 Athletics! I was super nervous about trying CrossFit for the first time because it seemed really intimidating and only “super strong” people did CrossFit. I was wrong! It is a really welcoming and fun community that can fit anybody’s current fitness level! Joel is very knowledgeable and will cater each and every workout to suit the individuals current fitness needs. 
Oh, and he also promised not to make me “bulky”, so far so good! 
Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did!

Lesley Eileen Macdougell

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