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902 Athletics has built a strong reputation by helping mold some of the best athletes on the south shore into who they are today. Is your team ready to become 902 strong?

the fieldhouse

our SATELLITE location inside hb studios! 

We now have a dedicated space for training athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level. Our satellite location inside of HB Studios is home to some of the highest quality athletic training in Nova Scotia. 

Check out the video and see what we can offer you and your team!

Here’s how we get our athletes ready



Regardless of the sport athletes play, strength is a crucial component in their performance and their safety. We make sure that athletes are building strength safely and in a way that benefits them in their sport.



By improving an athletes conditioning, we can enable them to keep performing at their peak for long periods of time. This is where hard work passes talent.



Mobility and Flexibility is one of the most crucial components to a successful strength and conditioning program – it goes hand in hand with athlete safety. In highly competitive sports, athletes can’t afford to be injured.



Power is what we get when we combine Strength and Speed. In most sports, the most powerful athlete will come out on top. We balance the components of learning to lift correctly and challenging our athletes.

getting to the next level takes more than just talent.

some teams we work with.

soccer Nova Scotia

soccer Nova Scotia

For the most part, our primary focus was to educate athletes and keep them moving safely. By introducing athletes to strength training and filling in the gaps of their imbalances, we’ve set these soccer athletes up for success.

LumberJAcks Hockey

LumberJAcks Hockey

Maritime Hockey League athletes are looking to take their game to the next level, and for many of them that means sport specific training. We introduce sport strength and conditioning and help these athletes developer a winning mindset.

SS Mustangs

SS Mustangs

The Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League is home to some of the greatest potential in the Maritime Hockey. We set the foundation of strength training for these guys to be able to put the work in and go to the next level.

what we can do for your team.

Each program that happens at the 902 Athletics Field-house is created specifically for the sport, team and individual athletes. Our programs can accommodate any age or fitness level.

We use an innovative training methodology that lets each athlete challenge themselves at their own pace, while improving the overall team. Teams become closer and build intuition together that transfers onto the ice or the field.

If you think you’re team would be interested in become the best athletes they can be, reach out to us by filling out the form below.



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