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Visited this box for the second year in a row during my annual trek back to Nova Scotia to visit family. This is the friendliest away-gym I’ve ever visited: the owner gave me a tour of the new facility and welcomed me during the class, introducing all of the other people by name. Great programming and coaching, lots of attention to form and encouragement. If you are in Bridgewater, or even in Halifax and feel like taking a scenic drive and visiting a new gym, I highly recommend!

Lex Lex

I visited this gym while home for the holidays and found it to be very well run with great staff and great atmosphere for working out. Equipment was well maintained and clean and the classes were fun. I will definitely go back the next time I’m in town.

Daniel Hynes

Between the amazing facility to the friendly staff and owner, I would recommend this gym for sure. It is like no other crossfit gym in BC we had ever seen. We were even able to book massages after our wod! � thanks for having us * Britt and Lacey

Brittany Amber

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