masters program

The importance of exercise increases as you age. Our fitness program was built using movements that you already use in your everyday life. Getting stronger and learning how to move safely means you can keep living life to the fullest at any age..

age is just a number

for ages 60 and up. 

Getting older is no an excuse for giving up the things you love. The members in our masters program has inspired us to continue helping the older population enjoy life to the fullest, without letting physical fitness get in the way.

Our program combines cardiovascular exercise, functional fitness and resistance training into the ultimate anti-ageing fitness program.









What we focus on in masters


resistance training

As we age, our muscle mass and bone density starts to slowly deteriorate, leaving us at a higher risk of unexpected injury. Resistance training helps us maintain or increase bone density, and prepares us for life’s unexpected challenges.


cardio work

To keep our heart and respiratory system healthy, we need to be using them. By getting our heart rate up and breathing heavy in a controlled and safe environment, we introduce a host of amazing positive benefits.  


Functional fitness

Functional fitness was built from movements we do in our everyday life. Everyday we lift things from the ground, we carry things and we put things over our head. By learning how to safely and properly perform all of these movements we can make sure we live life to the fullest.

Don’t let age stop you from
living your life.

let us help.

Trying to get in shape on your own or prepare for the unknown is a huge challenge. Don’t do it alone.


With the amazing coaches, supportive community and friendly environment at 902 Athletics, you’ll feel right at home.


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