CrossFit had become one of the most popular fitness programs out there. It’s designed to make us as strong as possible, in the smallest package. CrossFit is popular because it works, and it keeps working.

Wait – is crossfit for me?

This is the question that EVERYONE asks. If you asked any one of our members, every single one would say YES!

CrossFit is a program that was made to meet you at your current fitness level. Our oldest member is 76 years old, and our youngest is 6 years old, we’re pretty confident you’ll meet the criteria.

CrossFit is an exercise program that has proven itself over the years. There will always be trends but the ones that stick around are the ones that actually work. At 902 Athletics we’ve created a program that is designed to get you into the best shape possible by helping you reach the strongest version of yourself, in the smallest package.


Here’s what our people love



Community is something that is hard to describe in text. It’s the feeling you get when people are rooting for you. It’s the love you feel when people are proud of you. It’s comfort knowing that there are people looking out for you.


constantly varied

One of the biggest complaints we hear from new clients about their old fitness routine, is that it gets boring. We address this issue head one. We’re confident that you’ll never get bored with our program AND you’ll be in the best shape of your life. We’re serious!



Our program is structure in a way that is specific to you. If you’re following along with our workouts, you’ll get amazing results (don’t worry, we wouldn’t be saying this if we hadn’t seen it over and over again). Our coaches will hold you accountable and help you progress safely. 

902 is more than just a gym.

your new community


One of the greatest things about 902 Athletes is the community. The people here are some of the greatest people we’ve ever met. If you’re going to meet your goals, you need people standing behind you – that’s us. 

Come try a class for free. Every Thursday we have a community class where you can check out all the great things that live here at 902 Athletics. Click the link to book your free spot!




 It comes down to what I’ve gained and what I’ve lost.  I’ve gained newfound respect for what my body can do when I listen to expert advice. I’ve lost the worry of not feeling strong for myself or my children. The community I am part of at 902 Athletics isn’t just life-changing, it’s life-saving.


When I moved to Bridgewater I didn’t know a soul. Since leaving school and no longer playing sports I struggled with how to meet people. 902 Athletics took me in with open arms. It was what I needed to make me feel at home in a new community. I have created friendships that will last a lifetime because of this place! Give it a try!


Six months after delivery, I feel strong, healthy, energetic, and “back to normal” – I can comfortably lug around my volunteer firefighter equipment, do acrobatics, and carry my heavy heavy child + car seat wherever I want to go. Thank you to the 902 Athletics workouts and coaches for getting me here.


My name is Bob Williams, 47 years old. I have had Crohn’s Disease since I was 18. The disease progressed far enough that, in January 2014, I had surgery and had a bowel resection.

On Feb.8/2015, I attended my first intro class with Joel Holland at 902 Athletics. The atmosphere and community that Joel has created at 902 Athletics has actually made exercise fun. It’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to traditional gym culture.

I’ve lost 42lbs of fat loss and gained about 30lb of lean muscle mass. I can honestly say that Joel and 902 Athletics played a major role in saving my life! Thank you Joel for everything you have done and for the 902 Community where everyone supports one another.


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